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Max Calo is a Music Composer, Producer, Arranger born in Italy.

In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles and in a very short time, thanks to his great talent, Max begins his career meeting the Multi Awards Winner Producer Tony Renis that will make Max join the incredible music team of David Foster, the most famous producer of all the time known throughout the world of the music industry for his incalculable successes with names such as : Al Jarreau, Andrea Bocelli, Barbra Streisand, Alan Sorrenti, Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, Stevie Nicks, Lionel Richie, Ringo Starr, Paul Anka, Dolly Parton, Céline Dion, Gary Barlow, Peter Cincotti, Faith Hill, Patti LaBelle, Bryan Adams, Art Garfunkel,

Michael Bolton, Josh Groban, Seal, Cheryl Lynn, Toni Braxton, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin , Rod Stewart, Michael Bublé, Donna Summer,

Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Sheena Easton, Neil Diamond, Whitney Houston, Laura Pausini ...

Thanks to the collaboration with David Foster, Max also starts working for great artists such as, Julio Iglesias,Lion Richie and Celine Dion.

Max continues his rise in American Music Business by starting a new great and long time lasting collaboration with Sound Engeneer Humberto Gatica and soon he starts producing and collaborating with Artists such as Michael Buble, Nelly Furtado, Patty Smith, Al Jarreau, Anastacia, Marcus Miller, Tom Jones, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Thompson, Michael Landau, Nathan East, Bill Ross … and also for Latin and Italian artists such as Alejandra Guzman, Manuel Mijares, Alejandro Lerner, Luciano Pereya, Andrea Bocelli, Il Volo, Giusy Ferreri (with the piece written by Max and Bungaro “Il Mare Immenso“ will soon make her win the Gold Album and the prestigious TRL Music Awards 2011), Fiorella Mannoia, Francesco Renga, Irene Grandi, Noemi, Anna Tatangelo, Gigi D'alessio, Gigi Finizio, Simona Bencini, Roberta Bonanno (Amici 7), Sal Da Vinci, and many others.

In 2002 Max met the great African international music star Youssou N'Dour.

Youssou is very fascinated by Max's ability to magically reinvent Senegal's sonic and rhythmic language.

He decides to have Max as the head of his music productions , so Max starting to produce the first project called "Nothing In Vain" by composing the song which will soon become the Senegalese anthem called "Lima Weesu", winning the Gold Album in France and consequently producing others 7 albums including the latest album "Respect" 2019.

Consequently In 2003 and 2008, Max receives the prestigious Grammy Music Award nominations thanks to his work on the album of  Youssou

titled "Rokku Mi Rokka" & "Nothing in Vain".

In 2010 Max write a song called "Watch Out " in collaboration with Pras Michel from the Worldwide known group "The Fugees" and the artist Jennifer Milan that is chosen by the director Giovanni Veronesi's Team as soundtrack of the box office winner Italian Movie called, 

" Genitori e Figli, Agitare bene prima dell'uso" .


In 2014 Max's film compositions are chosen by the Oscars Multi Winner composer David Newman,

to be part of the film called "5 FlightUp" , starring a marvelous cast such as Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton.

In 2015 Max was is chosen by the music Superstar Akon to compose the entire soundtrack of his film "Road to Redemption".

Recently Max is chosen again to compose the soundtrack of the docu-film called "Safe Zone" Multi Film Festival Winner, with “Safe Zone” Max wins the Awards for "Best Soundtrack" and the "Young Unicef ​​Awards" at the International Ferrara Film Festival 2019 .

This year Max produced the song of a young pop artist competing in the most famous Italian music festival “Sanremo Giovani 2020", dealing with the delicate issue of bullying and cyber-bullying with great media attention results .

2022 will see Max at the head of the Music Production of "Earth Day 50˚ Italia" organized by the "Live Aid" Team, the mission is to contribute to the environmental protection of the planet through this event of global denunciation and fundraising in beneficial purpose.


The great personalities who support this event include highly prestigious names such as : 

Michelle Obama, the UN Secretary General, Greta Thumberg, Leonardo Di Caprio and many others.

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